By Angelica Harvey • November 19, 2018

Improving Communication in the Workplace

We've all heard the story "I thought that was the latest report", "Not sure who saved the file", "I thought we were meeting about this next week", "Is this a call or in-person meeting?" Unfortunately the dynamic pace in which many organizations collaborate to make decisions has been working against them. With multiple options to collaborate there's also space for ambiguity which in turn makes teams less efficient. 

Today I'll share with you my own experience using Cisco Webex Teams, a full collaboration platform that integrates video, voice, file sharing, IM, and calendar in one space,  improving communication in the workplace.

Solving communication problems at work

The nature of my job, as many of you, requires for me to work with teams from multiple departments from sales to product development and more often than not with outside vendors and freelancers. After many attempts to handle everything by email I started finding "creative ways" to collaborate and oh boy I tried them all!

The issue was always the same– integration. I was using one tool for each task and let's face it that not a very efficient way to collaborate. Communication and IT issues will arise especially when you are actively participating in multiple projects/teams at the same time. So when my boss came to me and said "I got it we are now using Webex Teams for everything" I was now I have to use yet another tool to work?

I was wrong. After giving it a shot I found out that Cisco Webex Teams is the most effective solution for improving communication in the workplace and here is why:

  1. It unifies video, call, calendar, file sharing and IM in a friendly user interface that I can download to my PC or mobile phone.
  2. The user experience it provides with animated GIFs and shortcuts to keep our team conversations vibrant as if we were in the same room.
  3. It integrates with any Cisco Webex Device, which is great when scheduling or starting meetings that need video, as it connects your entire team members in one click.
  4. This tool is SO easy to use and the whiteboard capabilities keeps your meetings agile and live
  5. AND...

...just watch this demo!

Tekscape Teams 2


Cisco Webex Teams has become my favorite collaboration platform. Working with my teams both internal and external has never been so easy, it's perfect for improving communication in the workspace.

+Webex Calling + Webex Teams Consistent Experience

Webex Teams is part of the Webex environment, so the real power of the tool comes together with Webex Calling, Webex Meetings, and Webex Devices to provide a fully collaborative ecosystem where user experience is consistent. A few weeks ago, Cisco announced its new cloud-based voice solution Webex Calling, which is integrated within Webex Teams and available to you as one solution. So if you are looking to migrate to a VoIP solution and you don't have a collaboration hub, this bundle would be an excellent fit for your business.

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