By Savannah Ciriaco • November 19, 2018

Increasing Collaboration Between Teams

In a day in age where the digital world is changing the traditional way we communicate, collaboration is essential in sharing common goals and objectives within a team. It can transform simple projects into vibrant and engaging experiences and discussions into progress. Tools like video conferencing, voice and instant messaging have been recognized to diminish isolation and promote strong relationships between colleagues that lead to success. Although this concept may seem to be the “be all and end all” of how we communicate and interact, much is needed to establish a unified, innovative, and user-friendly collaboration.

Helping Team Members Connect

Team Building Concept. Inscription of Red Color Located over Text of White Color.

According to the recent report "20 Astonishing stats about business communications" by Blue Source, ninety-seven percent of employees believe communication has an impact on tasks performed every day. Thus, the way your team members connect has a role in not only their performance, but confidence in their ability to create an appealing end product. A nifty acronym we created to accomplish this is T.E.A.M.:

Training team members to know their goal.

Experience that is personalized.

Agreements that are coherent.

Managing tasks and team progress.

Utilizing Mobile Applications

As collaboration becomes more necessary in the workspace, new applications are constantly released to create efficient and productive interactions between employees and even their prospective clients. Applications, like Cisco WebEx, are communication tools that feature video and web conferencing, online webinars, and screen sharing to suit your team’s style of interaction. Smart whiteboards, room, desk, and calling devices take collaboration beyond the screen. These different types of engagement can help your team get out of their seats and make their ideas into reality.

User Adoption

How effective would it be if you had a cluster of applications but chose not to use them? User adoption is fundamental in establishing collaboration in the workspace. In order to do so, teams need to engage and integrate it into their interactions, whether it be group conferences or brainstorming on a Cisco WebEx white board. Conducting product knowledge sessions in WebEx can be a way to ensure that the team is confident and able to them effectively.

Incorporating these can prevent miscommunication and information clutter, which means more time and money saved for your business.

Creating the Right Environment

Business people attending videoconference meeting

To collaborate, creating the right environment is essential to teams and outside parties sharing and contributing effectively. Team members hoarding or openly sharing information that might not be relevant can be a stumbling block in communication. Having trust and a cohesive objective can mean the difference between an unsuccessful disunited team and an inclusive team that considers all opinions and incorporates it into the product. Coming together through WebEx screen sharing and video conferencing in different stages of collaboration can keep creating meaningful personal interaction that your prospective buyers can benefit from when it comes time to deliver the final product.

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