By Araceli Masias • July 26, 2019

Is Managed Cybersecurity Good for Your Business?

Why Should I Worry About Cybersecurity?

Every day, more and more companies are beginning a digital transformation process, migrating to the cloud, virtualizing systems or updating their infrastructure.  While there are various benefits to a digital transformation strategy, it also brings a major challenge: cyber-attacks, which target vulnerable areas of an organization. Therefore, to maintain the data integrity of your business and ensure your information is safe from hackers or other cyber-attackers, a managed cybersecurity solution might be the answer to hedging against these risks, as it is a cost-effective strategy that can avoid hiring six new employees over a three-year period.

Today, the increase in cyber-attacks is imminent. As of 2018, the United States remained the No. 1 target for cyberattacks in the world, with half of those targeting small businesses. No one wants to be the victim of a cyberattack, as a study by the Ponemon Institute in 2018 determined that the cost of the average data breach to a U.S company results in a $7.91 million loss. Given the growth of cyber-attacks both in intensity and frequency, every company, no matter how big or small should have an efficient cybersecurity plan. 


Taking Action

By understanding some of the most common security risks and how to address them, it is evident that prevention is the best measure that can be taken to hedge against any attacks. Outsourcing any cybersecurity needs to experienced managed service providers can be the solution to an issue you might not even know you have. For example, when New Jersey based company Kampak experienced a series of cyber attacks in 2018, it had to resort to using Tekscape's own Arma Cybersecurity solution to find sources of breaches and remedy the situation.

With email and networks being used for day to day operations in your business, it is important to keep the proper measures to ensure you are not making it easy for cyber-attackers to breach your company data.

How it Works

Some of the most important cybersecurity tactics include:

  • Data preservation and integrity
  • Protection of operating systems and networks
  • Avoiding the installation of malware
  • Avoiding Trojan horses or other viruses that allows cyber-attackers us to take control of our systems.
  • Protection of personal devices (portable, mobile) against losses and thefts.

By choosing a managed cyber-security solution, you can add an extra layer of protection that will significantly increase your company’s security. Moreover, it is more cost-effective, as adopting an in-house security model means hiring a new team. Therefore, a capable managed cyber-security service provider can administer all the necessary measures that need to be taken to protect company data. A comprehensive cyber-security plan may help you with:

  • Prevention of corporate assets against attacks and threats 
  • Early detection of attacks and threats to the company 
  • Immediate, around the clock response to any potential risks identified 
  • Training and raising awareness for employees to promote proper security practices

Ultimately, investing in a good cyber-security strategy can help prevent important potential losses of data or information, or your systems and networks being compromised by attackers. In an increasingly digitized world, data integrity should be maintained as well.  So is cybersecurity managed services a good option for your business? Yes!  By hiring a cyber-security managed service provider to handle your security needs, you can ensure smoother operations without having to worry about your company’s sensitive information being compromised. Additionally partners like Tekscape that have a managed services approach to cybersecurity, can provide you with a model where your business objectives are aligned to the technology environment, and multiple layers of security are being deployed to ensure a proactive and preventive approach to cybersecurity. 


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As an experienced Managed Service Provider our solutions make cybersecurity a centric point of decision. Our managed service agreements will always consider cybersecurity best practices to ensure less breaches and zero downtime. 

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