By Angelica Harvey • May 28, 2019

Modern Workplace Technology

Video has changed the way people collaborate. Today, you no longer need to get in trains or planes to make it to an important meeting, just having a video conferencing solution in your PC (Google Hangouts, Zoom, Webex, Skype) allows you to establish a high-quality communication with a seamless video collaboration experience.

Video Collaboration

However, as businesses grow, the workplace needs to evolve. Teams get larger and more people are needed to collaborate and get things done. Here is where companies start considering making the investment in video conferencing devices that can be deployed in meeting rooms. Budget constraints play a role in many organizations where the main concern when purchasing a video conferencing solution is how easy it is to implement and are my users going to actively use it?

Let's be clear, as an IT manager you want to make sure that every dollar you invest especially in collaboration technologies is well used and that your internal teams adopt the technology. Cisco has heard all of these concerns, and designed the Cisco Webex Room devices to be cost-effective and easy to integrate with existing technologies you might already have, this is part of the Webex Cloud Collaboration strategy that's cloud-first, not cloud-only. With the user experience like that of an iPad, Webex provides a great user experience, practically guaranteeing that your co-workers will adopt the video collaboration technology.

Check out this video "Unboxing of Cisco Webex Room Kit" to learn more about this device a perfect modern workplace technology for your business.



Why bother with video collaboration technology?

This is a competitive market, regardless of your industry leveraging technology to facilitate people's work has proved to be key when enhancing productivity. Technology is no longer simply nice to have– it's expected.

When you bring new and talented employees they expect to have the flexibility and life-work balance, they expect to have at least a centralized way to communicate with their teams by phone, video, and IM. But perhaps what's most important is how the newest technologies have been developed around people, meaning manufacturers such as Cisco have recognized the way people work and what they expect from technology to develop tools that are user-friendly providing a seamless experience. Boosting collaboration with Webex Teams, for instance, is a great way to integrate all the traditional communication channels from voice, video and messaging into a cloud based environment, providing your users the flexibility they were looking for. 

Modern technology is your way to gain and retain talent as it's a vehicle for collaboration, productivity, and ultimate innovation. Fortunately solutions like Cisco Webex are incorporating every aspect of human collaboration so your employees have a consistent experience across multiple channels of communication. 

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