Cameron G By Cameron G • October 26, 2020

How Law Firms Protect Time, Data, and Revenue with Managed IT Services

As legal firms open their doors to the possibilities of tech, many are capitalizing on the present and incorporating some form of digital technology to save time, data, and revenue. In a recent study, roughly 84% of law firms mentioned that the use of legal tech increased efficiency in their organization. Within the same study, 77% claimed that Legal technology was in the process of being increased. 

Due to the pandemic, digital transformations have been sped-up within almost every industry, and law firms are partnering up with IT managed services for more than catching up with the latest technology. Firms are searching for cost-efficient ways to stay competitive and adapt to the growing demands of their customers.

In 2018, investments toward legal tech reached up to 1 billion, and in 2019, soared past the previous year hitting 1.23 billion. As Legal investments continue to rise for cloud solutions, businesses are turning to managed partners, helping make sure they can meet compliance and regulation needs as they scale. 

Cloud computing is no longer an option. It is a must going into the future. As Americans continue to work from home due to world events, the increase in technology reliance has skyrocketed. The influence of technology with clients and employees has created a culture of habits and expectations. Below are a few reasons why law firms are looking for the right managed IT partners.


Helping scale fast with cloud tech and technical expertise

Many law firms currently do not have the money to spend on a full in-house support service that larger companies normally can produce. For firms to scale cost-effectively, managed services have been able to provide expertise and advice toward solutions that work within each need, helping fill in any gaps along the way. Cloud computing is the future. It is not a matter of should we be using it. The only factor is what form of cloud infrastructure should your business choose to run? 

It can be easy to get ahead in some areas of your business, and at the same time, fall behind in others. As a company grows, so does its technology. When technology grows, so does cybersecurity needs. As Cybersecurity measures increase, so does the knowledge behind every protocol, and that expertise is hard to find. Whether incorporating new laptops to employees or expanding upon your cloud-based infrastructure, the need for managed services is growing. 


Planning for better data and security

Having better access to data and knowing your information is safe is a dream that can become achieved. Better data can lead to more strategic decisions that are cost-effective. With the expansion of cloud computing, law firms can produce quality data that helps drive more revenue. When working with a managed service, they can build trust with your audience because they trust you to keep their information safe. 

It is a company’s responsibility to protect sensitive data and initiate protocols when potential breaches occur. Staying up to date on the current scams and breach techniques can be difficult, with the digital landscape always changing. Managed IT services can catch attempts before they happen because of measurements set in place. As law firms ramp up cybersecurity, it is better to be proactive instead of reactive.


Becoming more client-focused

If one of the core missions of legal professionals is to deliver legal advice and help drive positive outcomes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation will help achieve that goal. The only drawback is that it can be hard to find experienced employees to hire and improve upon this technology. Managed IT services are working with law firms to create the digital infrastructure to support this technological advancement.

A few current use cases with AI are as follows; Contract Review and Negotiation, Contract Performance and Analytics, Litigation Prediction and Analytics, Legal Research, and AI Assistance in Hiring. Becoming client-focused and helping improve customer experiences is key to positive results. Time, data, and money can go to waste if there is a disconnect between the law firm and its customer. Technology and managed services are the bridge that closes the communication gap. 


Top functions with managed IT services

Software-production support and maintenance

Systems management

Network management, monitoring, and security

Meeting government safety & compliances

Cloud transformations


Data backup and recovery

Data storage, warehouse, and management

Human resources and payroll support

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